Blade & Soul actual gameplay

by Steparu



lade & Soul Revolution currently has four playable jobs which are Blade Master, Destroyer, Force Master, and Kung Fu Master. There will be a total of four different races which are Human, Gon, Lyn, and Kun. It also seems like there is a female and male option so the gender and race lock might be minimal. Happy watching~!

The 30vs30 event was interesting to watch. It was a very close battle with an unexpected turnout near the end! Anyway, I wasn't happy with the results. It seems like the top 10 players on both sides were mostly Force Masters... Netmarble needs to needs to balance this out! I like how the game is full 3D and not top-down view. Noticed a lot of load times, graphics looked decent. Feels and looked like they weren't running on max or using Unreal Engine 4's full power.